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Lul Tim Arrested: King Von’s Accused Shooter Killer Lul Tim Arrested In Georgia


Lul Tim Arrested: King Von’s Accused Shooter Killer Lul Tim Arrested In Georgia: An incident happened back in November 2020 in which King Von lost his life in a shooting. Just after that Timothy “Lul Tim” Leeks was arrested as accused of killing King Von. He has also become the victim in the shooting that took him to the local hospital bed. But apparently, he is not staying out of trouble while on bail. According to a post stated that he was arrested in Georgia following a high-speed police chase. The news of his arrest has been come in front of everyone when The former Everyday Struggle co-host shared a post on his official Twitter account.

Lul Tim Arrested

Lul Tim Arrested

He shared the post on Thursday morning 23rd September 2021. But, he didn’t have much information other than a mug shot, date of birth, the date of Leaks’ arrest (September 22), and the arresting Agency (GSP Savannah). Talking about some other sources, Leeks is facing numerous charges in which Failure To Stop At A Stop Sign, speeding, following another vehicle too closely, failure to obey Traffic control Devices and, the most heinous, escaping, or attempting to escape a police officer for a felony. Previously, leeks were also charged with King Von’s murder back in November 2020.

The investigation is going on and now the sources are claimed that Leeks was arrested. The official statement of Atlanta police spokeswoman Marla Jean Rooker said “Mr. Leeks is in police custody at Grady Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound. The homicide of Bennett is closed with this arrest”. Currently, Lul Tim Arrest engages several people to search about it. The person is charged with several charges and will be going through a very tough time when the jury finalized the punishment for his all felony.

Talking about the murder of King Von, he was shot outside the Hookah lounge situated in Monaco. Not only this but he died just a day before a very big fight between large groups of people happened. In the fight, two people were killed and Von was rushed to the hospital in a very critical condition. Later, Von succumbed to his critical injuries. The rapper from Chicago was just 26 years old. The officials claimed that Lul Tim Leeks was accused killed King Von as he was also got injuries in the shooting that took him to the hospital. Now, He was arrested and facing multiple charges. Further updates on the same topic will be mentioned here.

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