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Luke Siegel Accident: Saints fan Luke Siegel, a friend of Drew Brees, dies at 15


There has been a sad demise of a 15-year-old who has died after battling Covid and Pneumonia, the name of the kid is Luke Siegel, he was a Saints fan and he has died on Thursday. Brees met Siegel and his family in the year 2015 after Siegel suffered through a devastating car accident and suffered serious chest injuries which he suffered in a golf cart crash. The news of his death has been shared by his family on Facebook as they stated he was hospitalized with bilateral infiltrates and also consistent Covid and Pneumonia.

Luke Siegel

Luke Siegel Accident

Brees has posted on his official Instagram about the sad demise of the 15-year-old, stated in the post, Luke has inspired all of us in the way he has fought the complications of the accident and still showing the will to live which is pretty difficult for a kid but he acted maturely even though the odds have been against him, he was a beautiful boy who loved sports, he loved his family and he loved his very own Saints, he further stated he is never going to be forgotten by us, he is always going to be in our hearts and he is always going to be remembered.

There has also been a message which has been shared by Mahomes as they stated RIP Luke, the impact he has made in his life is never going to be forgotten by him, it has been stated, over the years, Siegel and his family have always been invited to watch the games of Saints and they were having regular visits and constant messages from Brees. His father told ESPN which he stated last year, Drew Brees was always next to him, he was the most important person in Luke’s life.

Luke has been one of the most strong individuals to be seen in recent times, he was a die-hard fan of Saints and was dedicated to being in every match of Saints even though the kid was on a wheelchair, he has shown the club and the world, he is simply a warrior who has fought throughout his life and has provided strength and hope to so many people all over the globe.

He is never going to be forgotten, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the lost soul, he had his whole life in front of him, it is just sad to see he has died so early but he was an influential person who really brought upon a change in people’s lives for the time he has lived. A true legend “Luke Siegel”.

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