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How Ludo Game Made Online Board Gaming Better?


Ludo is one of the most played online games so far across the globe. You can see the rising importance and significance of Ludo online games with the increasing number of platforms coming out. However, Ludo is not the only online board game that is out making a name for itself. There is chess, Carrom, monopoly and so many more board games that are doing the same. But how did this happen? How did people move away from complex, 3D games to known, old, board games like Ludo and Carrom?

Well, there is no right or perfect explanation about the whole paradigm shift, but there are a few reasons why people might have moved to online board games in the age of near-real VR and 3D gaming experience.

Board Games

Board games are not new to us, and the online versions of these traditional board games have led to the rise in popularity of these games. We will discuss a few reasons how Ludo games contributed to the growth of online board games.

How Board Games Got Better after Online Ludo?

Online Ludo, as we mentioned, is one of the most popular online board games right now in the mobile gaming industry. There were board games even before Ludo, but something was missing that online Ludo brought into our lives. Online Ludo games focus on providing an engaging and colorful experience to their players, just like the old physical board games. Let us understand how it happened.

 Available 24*7

Playing Ludo games with the family might sure be fun, but then you also have to wait for everyone to arrive at the table on time. With online Ludo games, you don’t need to do that.

The reason is increased availability and the fact that you can play with anyone without waiting for a long time. You never have to wait for your turn at the table, be it online Ludo, online carrom, or online chess.

 Pandemic getaway

With the whole pandemic situation causing stress levels to increase, online board games are coming out victorious. Online board games help you enjoy your time and keep away the stress.

 Connect people

With online board games like Ludo or Chess, you can play with people online and connect with them. You can add them as friends as these connections can be helpful in various ways if taken care of.

Sharpens the brain

Be it online Ludo or online Chess, one thing that board games are known for is that they help stimulate your brain. For example, online chess allows you to nurture your intellect as it pushes you to form winning strategies. Online Ludo is yet another strategy game that focuses on moving your pawns in a way that they reach their home first. You have to protect your pawns from getting killed and deal with the unpredictable moves of your opponent.

 Life lessons

Online Ludo games are entertaining, and both kids and adults can equally enjoy the game. It teaches teamwork, coordination, and most importantly, a spirit to accept your loss. Kids can learn these life lessons in entertaining ways.

There are many reasons why online board games are getting better. Online Ludo helped developers realize that gaming is not only about guns, shooting, and running. Even simple games like Ludo can become a hit.

Now that you know so much about board games and their importance, why not try them out and see if they benefit you. All you have to do is download the MPL app. Play MPL Ludo game anytime, anywhere on MPL and win real cash.

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