The news is coming fresh from San Rafael, there is a grass fire which is going on in the Lucas valley in the Marinwood area, a number of citizens have been forced to go through evacuation on Wednesday in the afternoon before the firefighters got everything in control.

Lucas Valley Fire Update

Lucas Valley Fire Update

It seems like Crews scrambled up as they were trying to control grass fire which has already grown to 30 acres in the area which has happened in just an hour, the ignition started off near Mt. Lassen Drive which happened around 2:20 pm. There were crews who were coming from the helicopter as they were dropping fire retardant and water to keeps the flames away from homes that are north of Lucas Valley road.

As we reached 5:30 pm, the fire was still holding up in the 30 acres and it was contained by 80%, this has been stated by the Marin County fire department but it was stated to the people to avoid the area as of this point in time and shortly after 6:00 pm, it was stated by the Marin County Sheriff’s office, all of the warnings and evacuation orders have been lifted.

It was stated by the fire department, the fire was burning at a slow and moderate rate but it has been stated by the residents who are living nearby in the area that the fire looked like, it was burning much faster, as the fire started to spread, the officers went to the citizens and informed the homes to evacuate their residence immediately.

It has been further confirmed by the police department, there were evacuations that were ordered in the Marinwood neighborhood which is the Las Gallinas Avenue, Marinwood open space, and Bridgegate Drive and the fire did not become the cause of evacuation in the southern part of Terra Linda.

At the time of 3:50 pm, the fire had grown to 20 acres and it was zero percent contained, it was stated by the fire department, just after a few minutes, Cal Fire updated the size of the fire spread to 30 acres and it was noted that containment is till at zero percent. After the fire department contained the fire to 30 acres, they thanked all of the citizens for evacuation in such difficult times and understanding the seriousness of the whole situation.

It seems like the local public was pretty cooperative as they listened to the officers without questioning them too much at the time and the firefighters did an amazing job in containing the fire as it would be disastrous if the fire would have reached the homes of the people.


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