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Luas Lapangan Bola Voli: Volleyball Court Size And All The Details


Luas Lapangan Bola Voli: Volleyball Court Size And All The Details: Are you a Volleyball fan or player? Do you really know the rules and regulations of this game? If you don’t know the answers to these questions then you should read this column till the end. However, there is no doubt that Volleyball is a world-famous game it is played on a large scale by people across the globe. And the day is also not far from now when Volleyball will also be an event of Olympic Games and Sea games. As this game is gaining popularity day by day and people are showing their great kind of interest in this game we have decided to make ur readers educated on this particular topic. Today in this article we will tell you about the dimensions and size of the Volleyball court. All the details have been mentioned in the below-placed sections. You are advised to go down the page and take a peek at all the paragraphs. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Luas Lapangan Bola Voli

Luas Lapangan Bola Voli

The most important thing in any game is the size of its court or field. And in Volleyball the court is the most important factor as it is played inside a confined court. The dimensions of the court of Volleyball is based on national standard or FIVB International Standard or International Volleyball Federation. A court is a space where Volleyball games are played and it can be in form of plain dirt or a mat.

Furthermore, the court also depends on the game category as it is divided into two categories men’s Volleyball courts and women’s Volleyball courts, both courts are different from each other. The men’s Volleyball court’s dimensions are generally 18X9M while the women’s Volleyball court’s dimensions are 16X7M. According to the rules, the Volleyball court must match the necessary field size and equipment requirements. We have listed international or national standards of Volleyball court. Take a look below.

  • Volleyball court width: 9 m.
  • Length of volleyball court line: 3 m.
  • Volleyball court area: 162 m² or 18 m x 9 m.
  • Length of volleyball court: 18 m.
  • Fieldline width: 5 cm.
  • Service area volleyball court: 3 meters.

Now, take a look at the standard size and dimensions of a Volleyball net:

  • Volleyball net width: 1 m.
  • Volleyball net height: 2.55 m.
  • Volleyball net length: 9 m.
  • Women’s volleyball net height: 2.24 meters.
  • Height of men’s volleyball net: 2.43 m.

Volleyball standard size according to FIVB:

  • Circumference of the ball: 65-67 cm
  • Volleyball pressure: “0.30 – 0.325 kg/cm² or 294.3 – 318.82 or 4.26 – 4.61 hPa/psi”
  • Ball diameter: 18-20 cm
  • Ball weight: 260 – 280 grams
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