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Lovi Assumi News Northeast Video: Lovi Assumi Rape Case Culprits Name Images details explored!


A piece of horrible news is seeking the attention of the country which forces us to thinks that even in the midst of such calamities, the humanity of people has died. Most of you already watched a video that is currently going viral on the various platforms of social media in which a northeastern woman is getting physically exploit. In the video, the face of the arraigns is clearly visible. This offensive video is explaining that few people of Rajasthan particularly in Jodhpur where a north Eastern girl who is basically from Nagaland had lately committed suicide. Kiran Rijiju the minister of Union Sports and Youth Affairs has declined that this video is not linked with the incident of Jodhpur.

Lovi Assumi News Northeast

Lovi Assumi News Northeast

On Sunday, 23rd May 2021, a northeastern woman who was 25-year-old had committed suicide in the district Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The woman was basically from Niuland in Dimapur and came to Jodhpur in search of work and working in “New Juice Restaurant”. Her body was hanging from the decoy in her room where she was living on rent. The reason for his death was cited as “Natural suicide”. Her neighbor found her dead body in the morning.

Lovi Assumi Rape Case Culprits Name Images

Lovi Assumi News Northeast Lovi Assumi News Northeast Lovi Assumi News Northeast

The Naga Students’ Union of Rajasthan unit stated that the proprietor of the restaurant sustained the expenses of the funeral. The burial of the lady of the Christain community was administered in front of the priest in Jodhpur at Christian seminary. Before that, he also had an autopsy in the hospital. The offensive video is currently viral on the social network in which five incriminate can be visible physically abusing a woman.

It has been unaware that where the video belongs to and who is the sufferer or the incriminates. Arunachal Pradesh MP, Kiran Rijiju stated that ” A video of a lady who was from the region of North-East being mercilessly raped by a woman along with four men is getting viral but this matter is not connected to the matter of Jodhpur suicide case. I already made a conversation with the Police Commissioner of district Jodhpur. All the efforts will be arranged by the cops to arrest the perpetrators,”.


In the video, the perpetrators can also be visible their wrongdoing on the video calls to other associations. During making the video, the perpetrators injected an alcohol bottle into the private part of the victim. The most disheartening fact is that the woman perpetrator was also in the favour of this shameful act who also let the victim down. The sufferer is being maltreated increasingly.

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