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Love Is Blind Season Couples: Love Is Blind Japan Where Are They Now? Revealed


Love Is Blind Season Couples: Love Is Blind Japan Where Are They Now? Revealed: Due to the boom in social media platforms and dating apps over the past few years, reality shows have somehow managed to become the ones to aid us to realize that what really matters is who someone is on the inside. The best benchmark for this in terms of romantic connections is, of course, the franchise of “Love Is Blind”, where the idea is to handle the concept of whether an emotional link can defeat physical attraction or not. So now the Japanese version of the show has also premiered- featuring precisely how individuals can fall in love unwatched and then make their love relationship work. We know some characteristics, as well as challenges, are universal. But if you desire to discover out more about all the leading couples within this feel-good production, including their present standing and locations, along with a bit more, we have got the essential information for you. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Love Is Blind Season Couples

Love Is Blind Japan Where Are They Now?

Motomi And Ryotaro: Together 

From the point they first came across one another in the pods, there was an unequivocal spark between Motomi and Ryotaro, meaning that their engagement came as no big surprise. In fact, their ability to work out their nervousness after meeting face-to-face (owing to his “rugged” look or their sincerity while meeting with the parents of their partners was not a shock either.

They had actually held a feeling of appreciation, as vowed in the pods, so they gladly promised to do so forever while standing at the shrine as well. Since then, it comes up as if they have continued to develop their association while living in Tokyo, proving that they had fallen for each other’s hearts and humanity first. Neither Motomi nor Ryotaro has been vocal about this part of their lives as of writing, but that is understandable considering how their whole story was recently documented in the Netflix original.

Whilst, we will add that while the former works as a hairstylist and a fashion store manager, the latter is an advertising salesperson, a Chinchilla mother, and a cooking enthusiast.

Midori And Wataru: Together 

The story of Midori and Wataru is surely one for the books due to their love triangle with Priya, followed by the apprehension of the latter about his looks. In the spite of that, since he was still the same person she had fallen in love with inside the pods and due to that he worked hard to change his appearance for with her, they still managed to make things work.

Love is Blind Season 2, is the most anticipated and highly entertaining show which is keeping its audience wanted to it. Like the concept, the dhow is so entertaining and eye-catchy, as there are bachelors on the show who have to choose anyone they have a crush on so that they can take their game forward in the show. Now many of the enthusiasts are keen to know, “Who is still together from Love is Blind Season 2, and are the wedding legal?”

Love Is Blind Season Couples

Deepti Vempati and Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee:-

These are still together in the show and both of them are also recovering love from their fans. There are several fan pages of them on social media platforms. But this isn’t mean that they are actually together or not as these are some of the claims from their fans. After some of the stalking on social media about them, we reach the decision that they are tight-lipped about their relationship. After the search, we get to know that they are still following each other on Instagram. So they might be still together with each other but there it isn’t clear yet.

Quote, shred by Deepti on Social Media Platform:-

“You guys watch my journey on the show you must have been watched me in various emotions such as stumble, make mistakes, and quite frankly act. I thought I was a fool throughout the season but I want to say now that: I’m changed now not the same person who I was used to be in the show. And I couldn’t be more thankful for it.” Said Deepti in the quote she shared on her social media account.

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl:-

Are they still together? It isn’t clear yet.

After the research, we get to know that even their family members also follow them on Instagram. And they even post comments on each other’s posts. They also give sweet messages in the comment sections to each other.

There is a pic of both in which he is kissing her and wrote a huge caption in his Instagram post.

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee:-

Are they still together? So after the deep research and stalking their Instagram accounts we can say that they might be together possibly. They use to share their pictures together on their accounts.

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