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Who Is Louise Redknapp Dog, All About Singer-songwriter Dog – Age, Name, Breed, and, more!


Who Is Louise Redknapp Dog, All About Singer-songwriter Dog – Age, Name, Breed, and, more!: Louise Redknapp is mourning the loss of her dog, she is a huge animal lover and she fetched a dog to her home but now her heart is broken as she loses her pet dog. She took to social media and she announced the saddest news to her fans, as her family is devastated after the death of her dog. She lost her pet dog last month but she is still in grief and it isn’t easy for her to be move on. She misses her god greatly every single day. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Louise Redknapp Dog

Who Is Louise Redknapp Dog?

She is a former Eternal Singer who announced the death of her dog Bluebell on February 7 and this is the emotional past from her side, She took her name account on which she had been posted about the sudden demise of her dog. After which her fans took the post and they show their heartfelt thoughts and deepest condolence to her in the comment section.

You may also visit her Instagram page which has 733k flowers on it and she has been paid tribute to her dog by posting about his sudden death. She is 47 years old and paid tribute to a four-legged friend and she also said that she will be going to be missed his dear friend every single day.  She took to Instagram on Sunday, this is Louise and shared the grief of her dog.

Louise Redknapp Dog: Age, Name, Breed

Here are some words from his side, “We were so devastated losing our girl Bluebell a few weeks ago, and we really noticed a change in Rudi’s behavior so we decided a little brother might be what he need. Say hello to Banksy Blu… he’s definitely settled in Xxx”

She also shared a video in which we can see that the doh is playing with an owner and he is so active in it.

Fans were quick to comment on the adorable clip.

emmarosestyle said: “The cutest”

summer85steph said: “Oh he’s lovely”

jacquelinebanksmorrison said: “Oh my he’s adorable”

dandrews1957 said: “Oh Louise, what a cutie. Bluebell will be watching over him xx”

The comment section of the video is jammed up with a list of comments and tributes to her dog. While her demise also shows their thoughts to her. Pets are so loving and dearest for their winners and this is so hard to accept their demise of them.

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