This July, be ready to experience a new drama-comedy. The latest movie fully packed with drama and comedy has on its way to entertain you. the movie called Lootcase is an Indian Hindi language comedy-drama movie directed by Rajesh Krishnan and produced by Fox star studios, music by Rohan Vinayak and Amar Mangrulkar, film Featuring one of the most comic artists of Bollywood whose comedy must hit your heart and force you to laugh out of control.

The cast of the movie

The movie featuring one of the most brilliant actors including Kunal Khemu as Nandan Kumar, Gajraj Rao as Minister Patil, Vijay Raaz as Bala Rathore, Ranvir Shorey as Inspector Kolte, Rashika Duggal as Lata, Aryan Prajapati as Nandan Kumar’s son, Shashi Ranjan as Abdul and Sumit Nijhawan as Omar. some of the artist in this movie is entertaining us from a while and putting smiles on our faces through their movies.

Lootcase Movie Cast & Review

The story is very attractive and pretty good. Nandan Kumar a middle-class man with a lot of financial and family problems, got a bag and found filled with cash he also doesn’t know that where the bag came from. He does not have a single idea whose it belongs to and how he got the bag there. soon he got to know that he is being chased by a notorious gangster and you can guess the gangster in movie very comic artist Mr. Vijay Raaz who wants that bag at any cost.

It starts filming in the mid of July last year. And it is supposed to be released in the cinemas this year on 10 April but due to the Covid19 pandemic, now it will release on the disney+hotstar. On 29 June a conference has conducted by disney+hotstar in which Uday Shankar announced that movie will release on 31 July on Disney+hotstar so be ready to feel new dramatic someday of Kunal Khemu.

The movie took an extremely amazing dramatic twist when Kundan got the suitcase fully filled with cash and he starts thinking that what should he do now because the money is too much and can finish his all the problems but as usual soon he realized that he is being chased by a very notorious gangster who wants that bag at any cost without caring who will die or alive all he wants that the bag. the story includes two more characters including an honest cop and a politician. cops want gangsters and politicians want the bag at any cost. The story will tell you how money makes a huge problem, how a middle-class man starts running and try to hide all the money. will it succeed to save or not will money solve all of the problems or create some more? For that, you have to watch the movie.


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