As per the National Weather Service, a Tornado occurs in the southeast of Mead in the afternoon, on Monday, 8 June. I also inform that the condensation funnel was seen around 5:24 P.m, and later moves towards the northeast with a speed of 10 mph.

Longmont Tornado Warning Today

Longmont Tornado Warning Today

Here what Metrologist David Barjenbruh said:-

  • The tornado touches the ground almost a mile from the north Firestone.
  • While it covered 3 miles the northwest of Platteville.
  • Tornado had ended as it was not be seen on the ground around 5;50 p.m.
  • When it was lifted the weather team assumed/that it will not be going to touch down the ground again but around 6:00 p.m it seems to appear again.
  • The damage caused by the Toronado has been assessing by the crew while how strong this Tranodo was still unidentified, the National Weather Service will going to be find out about it at Boulder.
  • There was no news or hint which metrologist would reveal about this Tornado as it is the sudden call of nature. Whereas it is  Colorado and we can’t be denied for anything on any day.

Emergency management office of weld county’s informed the traveling of the tornado which was covered a distance between Colorado 66 and Wels County Road 42, and also between weld county roads 17 and weld county roads 13.

Here, what Jennifer Finch, a spokesperson, stated the emergency team is giving their best to evaluate the damage, while they found a house had been burned or damage due to the power line.

Later it is also confirmed by the National Weather Service that numerous electric poles and power lines were banged during the Tornado near the area of Calaroda 66 and weld county road 21.

Here is the list of the areas got affected by the Tornado:-

  • Forestone
  • Milliken
  • Mead
  • Platteville

Read some important tweets by the officials:-

Jim Tang Tweeted, “a call of nature damage everything from north of Firestone today, this is almost unbelievable.”

Chris Spears wrote, “Tornado occurred in Mead, this seems to be east from the side til west.”

National Weather Service Bolder, an official tweeter account has been tweeted, “Tornado warned along with Platteville Co, until 6:00 p.m.”


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