Home World London Protests Trafalgar Square: Thousands of Anti-Vaccine Protestors Gather In London

London Protests Trafalgar Square: Thousands of Anti-Vaccine Protestors Gather In London


London is the center of drama when it comes to coronavirus as there have been thousands of protestors in the streets of London who seem to be against vaccines and lockdown as they are chanting anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown chants in central London as they are rallying for worldwide freedom which is happening after 5 days of restriction lifted in England.

London Protests Trafalgar Square

London Protests Trafalgar Square

There were many conspiracy theorists that were the speakers in the whole movement naming Piers Corbyn and Gillian McKeith who are the brother of former Labour leaders and also David Ieke was among them who were present at Trafalgar Square.

In the event, there was also the far-right commentator naming Mr. Corbyn who was attempting to be the leader in the crowd as he was telling the government to ping off which he was saying to the reference of NHS app which provides the users to self-isolate.

A nurse was also part of the campaign as she was supporting to take down the names of the medical staff, as the rally approached the end, the protestors marched from Trafalgar Square which is along the great Whitehall, and then went to Parliament square from there.

It has been stated by the police that one of the demonstrators was arrested as he was throwing bottles at the Policemen at Downing street. It has also been tweeted by Catherine Roper who is a commander as she stated that violence is not going to be tolerated and further stated that we are here to encourage the rest of the crowd to continue their rally peacefully.

It seems like that there were some similar protests that were taking place in Birmingham, Belfast, and also Manchester as there were hundreds of protestors that are chanting “shame on you” as they were calling out the police officers,┬áit seems like that there were 1500 protestors that were outside Dublin as they walked through the city holding the signs of anti-vaccine and were chanting freedom.

The situation is getting critical as the citizens are not at all happy about what is being happened and it seems like that the government needs to take some decisions which are going to determine the mood of the local public.

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