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Lollapalooza 2021 Lineup: Tickets Price Venue Chicago Details!


The event is going to be back with a bang which is going to be held in Chicago and we are here for you guys so as to provide you with all of the important details related to the dates, locations and many other important details-

Lollapalooza 2021

Lollapalooza 2021 Lineup

The event is going to be held for 4 days as that is how the iconic event has always turned out to be and it is going to be held in Chicago Grant Park.

and as it has been the case with most of the festivals, that they got cancelled because of the going on the pandemic that is going on in many of the countries yet, which has been the reason for the cancelling of such events and it is the same for the event as even this event got cancelled earlier many a times because of the Covid but now it is finally here as it has been announced by the officials that the event is going to take place.

The festival is going to be held between July 29th and 1st August and the location is going to be the Grant Park in Downtown Chicago which is a historic place.

It has been the location for the event for many years now, 2005 is the year since the event has been happening in Grant Park in Chicago and over their course of 4 days, they have managed to attract about 4 lakh people every year to attend their event which is a big achievement for the event organizers.

In order for someone to attend the concert, they should be fully vaccinated and should have an official and legal paper that they are negative to Covid-19. It has also been stated by the commissioner of the Chicago public health that in order to attend the event, the person needs to be negative and should be vaccinated.

Tickets are going to be on sale on Wednesday which is 19th May and is going to be on sale from 1:00 pm.

the general ticket is going to cost around 350$ and the VIP ticket is going to cost around 1500$ and there is also going to be a platinum admission is going to cost around 4200$.

Many of the people have been waiting for the event and now that it is finally here, the hype is going to be unreal and it seems like they are going to go in abundance as the event has already been delayed a lot.

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