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Loki Trailer: Loki Movie Release Date In India, Story, Cast, All Things You Need To Know!


The Loki trailer has finally been launched and it is going to be launched on Disney + and many of the die-hard fans of marvel have spotted several easter eggs in the trailer as marvel always tend to make trailers with many secretive hints to make the fans debate about the several easter eggs in the trailer.

Loki Trailer

It has been shown in the trailer that because of Loki’s desperate fleeing attempts with the help of the tesseract that has been shown in the Avengers-endgame because of which the timeline has faced series of disturbances and now the shapeshifter will try to fix the situation in the series as it seems like

Guru Mbatha-Raw will be playing the character of Judge Renslayer as marvel has recently confirmed who is referred to as Ravonna in the comics of marvel. The story will set up the starting of the ant-man film that will be in theatres.

The trailer gives a hint of many dimensions in the universe that will have a possibility of having many Loki’s in different worlds and that has been noticed by the owl-eyed fans of marvel as in one of the frames Loki had a serial number that reads “L1130” giving a hint that there could be many Lokis and the timekeepers will be chasing many of them. Loki seems pretty confident in the trailer about fixing the issues that he has created.

They have also included Donald trump’s reference in the trailer as it has been seen where Loki is wearing a president-looking costume which was he always wears in the ‘vote Loki storyline.

There is also a scene in the trailer which looks like an apocalyptic situation in one of the timelines in New York which is the hometown of the avengers. More on that will be only seen after the series releases.

The cast includes Erika Coleman, Cailey Fleming, Jaimie Alexander, Sophia Di, Owen Wilson, Martino, and many other renowned actors. The show is being directed by Kate Herron, it will be released on June 11.

Streaming platform- Disney+


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