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Loki Episode 4 Post Credits Scene Explained!


The most popular American Web series “Loki” created a sensation amongst the audiences and becomes a massive hit. The series was premiered on 9th June 2021 and its first season has consist of 6 episodes from which 4 have already streaming on the popular OTT platform. The 4th episode is already released today on Wednesday 30th June 2021 which is constantly grabbing the attention of the watchers. The 4th episode of the series is no doubt the best of the show so far and unfolded the mystery of TVA agents being unique variants.

Loki Episode 4 Post Credits Scene

Loki Episode 4 Post Credits Scene

The series “Loki” is currently streaming on Disney+Hotstar which has been consistently holding the attention of the viewers and blocking their seats on their couches and providing a lot of superb moments to adore for. The 4th episode of the massively popular series portrayed many epic sequences in their storyline.

The episode begins with a flashback scene where we can watch a young version of Sylvie who is playing with toys when TVA agents come and apprehend her for damaging the timeline. Somehow, she manages to release herself and flee. In the current scenario, Sylvie and Loki waiting for the Laminitis-1 to get ruined as they have no chance of getaway the apocalypse.

Sophia di and Tom Hiddleston have tremendous chemistry and it’s really a delight to watch them together. Though, in the right neck of time, Mobius comes on the scene and takes them back to the TVA. This is the main twist as after that the series gets interesting to watch. Loki eventually tells Mobius that whoever working for the TVA agency is a “variant” themselves and Time Keepers captured them to create all this fuzz.

On the other side, Hunter B-15 encounters Sylvie and asks her about C-20, and takes her back to the mart. Sylvie informs her that she is variant bur previously she had a life before she was captured by TVA.  She also shows her life before the arrival of TVA. Later on, Mobius learned what C-20 said before decaying and Loki was right. To know the further story watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

The 4th episode was no doubt the best episode of the series so far. It has all the elements which make it best from others in Marvel TV shows. Aside from this being fast-paced and exciting, it also had a lot of emotional scenes in it which brings tears to eyes. Both the characters Loki and Sylvie nailed it and played a very strong role. The series released a new episode every Wednesday on Disney+ Hotstar.

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