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Logan Rusell Car Accident: Two Boys Ethan King And Connor Aird Died in Car Crash Video Scene Explained!


A drink and drive are one of the most devastating cases which have been creating news headlines. Drink and Drive is the most tested way to drive your car as it leads to making you broken and destroyed. You may meet an accident as you aren’t in your senses after drinking. We all should avoid Drink and Drive. So related to this there is a 17-year-old boy who met an accident. This leads to the those of two boys.

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You might be wondering how it happens. When a boy was in his car and he was drunk too. So he lost his control over a car and hits two teenagers. He was coming back from a party and drunk. He was drunk and he lost his control over his car and this is how he hist two boys and they died at the moment.

The name of the boy is Logan Rusell who was driving Vauxhall Corsa. He left the roads and the car hot to a tree. There were three passengers in a car and they got unconscious. Later Rusell someone managed to come out of his car and then he goes to the witness to tell them about this situation. And even ask for the help of his friends.

He said to the witness that “there are my friends inside a car and please help me to get them out of it. It all happened due to me, it’s all my fault. A boy who died in an accident named Ethan King who was 17 years old and the other boy also passes away named Connor Aird who was also aged 17. Whereas the third passenger was also injured badly and his name is Daniel Stevens.

Rusell is in guilt and he is in s huge grief. As he was the one who was driving a car and due to him he lost his two friends. The family of both the boys is in huge grief. Wharse Rusell is now under custody. There isn’t much information about the incident, once we will receive will going to update you on the same platform.

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