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Lizzo Response Fans On Chris Evans To Her DMs Massages


Lizzo has revealed to the fans that sometime earlier she did a drunken message to Chris Evans to which he has finally responded to which she sent him in April.


Chris Evans who we all know as Captain America has responded to her texts and has even stated that he is a big fan of her and really adore her as she messaged him for a tik tok video in which she is being seen stating that kids you should not get drunk and send text messages to people and then goes on to sent a drunk message to Chris Evans and got a reply from him.

After which some of her curious fans started asking for the follow up of the message that she has sent to Chris Evans about which she was also pretty excited and went on to say that she would like to see their game plan and just after that she started flashing the interaction of them onto the screen

Then in the first response, she wrote his dialogue which goes like ” you miss 100% of the shots that you never take and then stated to him that even though she did unsent it she knows that he will be aware of her existence now to which Evans gave her a reply stating that he is a big fan of her work and he knows her perfectly well even before the message that she did to him.

Things between them saw a spark when the actor posted a video of a kid who is dancing on Lizzy’s song while reacting on it to which she replied in the comments “wow marry me”  as she quickly went on to reply.

Back in the year 2019, the three-time Grammy Award Winner has discussed what in her take on people being in a relationship and what love means to her as she stated that she is a kind of person who is a single-minded individual and doesn’t feel as if she needs to be in a relationship, she wants it but needs is something which is not she relates to and also stated that there are people in this world who do feel like that there is a need for them to be in a relationship which is totally fine in her point of view but she hasn’t reached that state yet which she thinks is completely fine too.

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