Recently, a chemical factory caught the fire in Vapi city of Valsad District in Gujarat, on Saturday afternoon. According to the latest reports, more than 8 Fire tenders are on the spot. A huge amount of smoke has been seeing after that the factory was burnet. The fire tenders are searching for the people who got affected or alive. Gujarat goes on affecting by fire from the last couple of months. Further information is awaiting.

This is not the first time when Gujarat is being caught by fire, from the last couple of months it keeps on happening in State. After this, we are waiting for further information and we hope that no one was affected by the fire, there would not have been much damage to the goods. We have been through uncountable unexpected incidents throughout the year till now, and it seems like that this time god and the nature telling that no need to be the lord of this earth because nature is not your property.

Fire Breaks Out at Chemical Factory news

We are having too many worst incidents this year. recently Beirut got the explosive and still, the reason is being searched. If we talk about Gujarat then the state has been through too many Fire broke last time, a major fire broke out at a chemical factory in Khambhat, Anand district of Gujarat on Sunday (June 28) morning. As per the news, more than 15 fire tenders rushed into the fire to rescue but thankfully not even a single injury has been founded and before that, on June 24 Gujarat also had a fire incident at Sanand guts diaper factory. We are waiting for further updates and will update you soon. Stay tuned for further updates on this unexpected Incident which is a step towards the worst. Pray and hope for better.


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