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Littleborough Accident: North West worker 1 killed in serious crash


Littleborough Accident: There has been an accident and it is being stated, one person has lost his life and there is another who is terribly injured following a horrible crash in Rochdale, there is a major emergency service response which was prompted at the time after there was a serious collision in Littleborough this afternoon on 17th October. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com


Littleborough Accident

Featherstall road has been taped off in both directions which are between James William street and Whiteless street, the accident took place just after 11:50 am, the road is currently closed, police were seen carrying out investigation work at the scene. The full details about the crash haven’t been released as of yet.

One thing which has been confirmed is the death of a person because of the collision, there has been no information about their gender, age and the identities of the people who were involved in the accident hasn’t been disclosed as of yet, there is another person who is being stated to be injured.

It is understood that the collision was in the roadworks area which is on Featherstall road, it is where the electricity North West engineers have been working, a vehicle is believed to have entered a ditch during the incident, it has been further reported by the local witnesses that heavy traffic is going to in the area all afternoon.

There are a number of roads that have been blocked off by the authorities due to the collision, police are being expected to remain in the area, the bottom of each side street has also been taped off by the authorities.

There are a number of residents in the area who have reported having no power in the afternoon after the incident took place, it has been confirmed by the electricity NW on their website that there has been a power cut. There are about 1000 customers who are living in the Littleborough area who have gotten affected because of the tragic incident.

One of the spokespeople of the fire service has stated, just after 11:50 am in the morning, they were called to reports of a road traffic collision on Featherstall road which involved a car that had gone into a ditch, there were two fire engines which arrived at the scene, there was also technical response unit at the scene who arrived quickly.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased.

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