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Linturi Househelp Death: Sleuths Seek To Exhume Linturi’s Ex-Househelp


Linturi Househelp Death: A few days back we reported that a woman was found dead inside the home of a Senator named Mithika Linturi and now a fresh development has been made in this case. Recently the DCI also known as The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has requested the court to allow them to dig up the buried corpse of a woman who was found dead in Mithika Linturi’s house. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Linturi Househelp Death

Linturi Househelp Death

Since this news has come out people are speculating if the Senator would face jail for it or not. However, there are various questions that are yet to be answered related to this news. We assure you if you follow this column until it’s completed then you will not have to visit any other web page for any kind of information related to this topic. We have prepared this article comprehensibly and mentioned all the fresh developments made in this case.

As we have already mentioned the DCI has requested the court to allow the exhumation of the lady. Maurice Mwai an official of The Directorate of Criminal Investigations swore the affidavit. He claimed there is a high need to dig up the buried corpse of a woman who was found unconscious in the aforementioned senator’s house. Who was the woman and what was her name? Fetch this information in the following section of this article.

Reports revealed that the woman who died inside Santor’s home was identified as Edith Kananu. We have no doubt the death of Edith Kananu came in mysterious circumstances. But what she was doing in Mithika Linturi’s house? Sources reported that it is a matter of 2018 and the deceased was working as a maid in his some but something went strange and she was found dead. What did the police officer say while requesting the court to allow him the exhumation of Edith’s corpse? Know the answer to this question in the further particular.

Mwai said he has reason to believe Mithika Linturi ass he is running for the governor seat of Meru and he could compromise the probation in this case. It is seeming that Mwai is in full mood to pull the Senator into the limelight and charge him with serious felony charges. Mwai added it was quite disturbing that Mithika Linturi had many brushes with the court and he walks away scot-free. Stay connected to this page for more information.

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