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Linkedin Data Breach Leak Exposes The Data of 700 Million Users!


It has been reported that the data has been obtained by a hacker who is unknown as of this point and it has been stated that the hacker consists of data of about 700 million LinkedIn users, It seems like that the company owned by Microsoft is seeing another setback as this is for the second time that there has been a massive breach of data and this time it has become really disastrous as this time the data of 700 million users have leaked and that can be a big concern for the company when it comes to the privacy right of the customers and they can be in some trouble because of this.

Linkedin Data Breach

Linkedin Data Breach 2021

Since 2021 there have been two incidents which have been related to the data leak and it seems like that the professional networking is being exploited by cybercriminals as they are trying to have the customer data that the company possesses which they can use for multiple scams and what not and this is the reason that this can be something which is going to be affecting the customers and the trust factor is going to be shattered which is needed to make a business model successful.

The data that has been leaked is more severe as it is containing the physical address of people, it is also containing the records of geolocation records of the customers and even their salaries are stated in the data so this is a total breach and it is a failure on the part off the company and the data is out there on the dark web for it to sell and this bizarre situation needs to act upon or else there could be some severe bizarre cases in regards to what has happened and what will happen if the data gets into the hands of someone who is out there to be a nuisance.

It has been stated by the RestorePrivacy that this breach has been the largest leak that has happened to date, the implications to what has happened are going to be pretty drastic and there is no end to what can happen, there can be social engineering attacks, there could be phishing attacks and many other harmful situations that can arise because of this, it is more of a concern as this has already happened to the company in the month of April and it seems like that they haven’t learned from their mistakes.

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