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Limpopo Lawyer Arrested: Why was Limpopo Lawyer Arrested? Revealed


Limpopo Lawyer Arrested: Why was Limpopo Lawyer Arrested? Revealed: A lawyer in Limpopo is arrested, many of the people on the web are searching for his arrest news. As they want to grab the reason behind his arrest and when he has been got arrested? He is 32 years old and making the news headlines. And his name is also scattered on the social media platform due to the allegation he has been going through. So when you guys will going o be known about the allegation or the charges on him, you might have to go to be shocked that being a lawyer he can do something like this. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Limpopo Lawyer Arrested

Limpopo Lawyer Arrested

Now your curiosity level is high to grab the complete information on the same. So all you need to just keep some more patience as we will first going o be talking about him. He was jailed once as he had been killed his four children. And this wasn’t expected from any of the after as kids and children are the heart of the parents and how can someone do such thing with his children. We can also call him “devil dad” what he has been doing wasn’t expected from a dad.

Why was Limpopo Lawyer Arrested?

But this time reason for his arrest isn’t the same time. This time he has been attempted the murder of his girlfriend. He was attacked by his girlfriend and this time. What he has been doing to her was so terrible. He was doing something like this and she took away the life of his girlfriend. Now he is under custody as the officials are still investigating the matter and they are trying their best to grab all the related information of this most horrible murder.

Sp they were revealed on the heated argument, after which he loses control fro himself and attacked to his girlfriend. Now you guys must be wondering why had been his girlfriend and what was her name and age.

She was Tumi Seshoene and was at the age of 23. She used to be from Lesedi Park in Seshego Limpopo.

When has he murdered his girlfriend?

  • He attempted the murder of his girlfriend on Wednesday.

Why he has been attacked by her?

  • He kill her in anger as both of them were in a heated argument.

What is the weapon used by him at the time of the attack?

This isn’t confirmed yet.

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