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Is Lewis Hamilton Married? Meet the wives and girlfriends


Is Lewis Hamilton Married? Meet the wives and girlfriends: There is nothing to wonder why the life of Lewis Hamilton is always trending. Both on and off the track he is always a favorite topic of the fans to discuss. Lewis Hamilton is a famous F1 driver or it can be said he is a legend of Formula 1 races. But now people want to know if their favorite racer Lewis Hamilton is married or not. You can easily see numerous posts on social media linked with his relationship history. But the question that is popping up the most at this point in time is who is Lewis Hamilton’s current girlfriend? and is he married or not? We have done a deep study on this matter before preparing this article so go down the page and take a peek at all the paragraphs of this article in which we have discussed a lot of things about Lewis Hamilton’s relationships. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Lewis Hamilton Married

Is Lewis Hamilton Married?

Lewis Hamilton is a trailblazer on the racing track but besides being a racer he is also a fashion icon who has a mysterious dating lineup. It is not essential to mention but still, we say he is a living legend who won 103 F1 races as of yet and he is in no mood to stop winning championships. He holds the record for the most wins in Formula 1 history with 103 wins. Moreover, he won seven World Drivers’ Championships, and now he stands equal to Michael Schumacher.

Who Is Lewis Hamilton, Wife and girlfriend?

After following various reports gathered by our sources we have concluded that he is living as a single man at this point in time. It has now become a significant time since he has been noticed being involved in a relationship with any girl. Meanwhile, some rumors were flying in early 2021 claiming that he was dating Angela Cullen, his physiotherapist. But those rumors were laid to rest fast. Later it was come to know that his physiotherapist is married and is a mother of her children as well.

Later another story started developing on the internet that Lewis was in a relationship with model Camila Kendra. The root of this story was an Instagram story that was posted by model Camila from a Mercedes driver’s home. That story became the origin of rumors and stories about their affair. However, that matter was addressed by Camila’s representative to clear the air. As per her representative, she was at his residence with her actual boyfriend named Tyler Cameron who is now her ex.

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