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Leroy Fick Death Reason: Michigan Man $2M Lottery Jackpot Winner Found Dead In River!


There was a man whose name was Leroy Fick, who was in the headlines in the year 2010 due to his weird action. He won the $2 million, but he was still collecting the food stamps, which made him viral on the internet and in the media, Where there was confirmed news about his death, that his body was found in a river. Later authorities were confirmed this and informed the media.

Leroy Fick Death Reason

Leroy Fick Death Reason

Leroy Fick’s dead body found in the Tittabawassee River on June 5, 2021, he died ahead 69, of Auburn, stated a Midland police officer. But his death reason is still being investigated, there is no cause revealed behind his death. The cause of the death of 69 years old is doubtful.

Fick had the collection of around $1 M as he took the estimated lottery [rize of $2M, but later it was known that the money had gone out of his hand in two years. After winning the exact amount in the lottery of $998,570 under the Make Me Rich Lottery, and then he was seen on TLC’s show named “lottery c changed my life”. He destroyed his previous home to build a new home on the same land which took $200,000 and he even bought a Chevrolet Camaro and also expensive in annuities of around $200,000.

While he was in the show he claimed that he still has the options to enjoy certain benefits of the lottery as this one is the large lottery win hence he didn’t yet disqualify. Later some renowned media sources were reported that with the money of the lottery he first build the new house and also bought Camaro, etc.

He was charged for the possession of a firework that was founded illegally in 20212. After this Fuck given a statement in which he said that “My only intentions were to help people but I never knew that but now I think that my Idea was wrong.”

There was one more lottery winner known as Amanda Clayton and Fick both fought for the Michigan Law changes, related to the support of government fr the winners of the lottery. After this Claton has been announced dead in 2012, and his death reason was a drug overdose.

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