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Leena Manimekalai on Kaali Poster controversy details


Recently there is a piece of news that came to know on the social media platform and internet-based other media and news sources about the recent controversy as the social media platform that is known for the ongoing controversies on the internet and also previously most of the controversies are related to Twitter in any manner either the Twitter has involved itself or not as this is a website for the blogging and people around the globe post their feeling and views about any issue on the internet and that is seen globally and people may like and may not so the news goes viral over the internet as people post their comments under the. post and their coms this recent controversy that made Twitter delete its post from social media and post the declaration on the post and clearly mentioning the rules regarding the post and to understand the complete matter subscribe to the getindianews.com and continue reading below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Leena Manimekalai on Kaali Poster controversy

the news is coming from India that It’s a troll on Twitter about “Meena Manimekalai, an independent Indian filmmaker, as it was mocked because of the documentary named “Kaali.”The hashtag is used on Twitter and that hashtag is going viral over the internet as #Arrestleenamanimekalai, and people say that #Arrestleenamanimekalai is not justifiable that anyone can make fun of Hindu gods, It is trending on Twitter after the event got fired up. The poster for the documentary “Kaali” is entirely Hindu and hurts the feelings of Hindus and this is very bad to make fun of any God and sentiments of any community.

After all these events on Twitter, the all-Indian Hindu community is angry and demanded legal action against this event because the poster girl is smoking in the middle of the road with a cigarette in her hand. The pride flag is related to the Hindu goddess. All the Hindu sentiments are bothered by her. The documentary harmed religious sentiments and should be implicated. On Twitter, Ms. Leena Manimekalai clarified the situation by using the hashtag #LoveyouLeenaManimekalai instead of # ArrestleenaManimekalai Mr. Jindal, FIR for police station against Leena Manimekalai because of Hindu religious feelings hurting post  And she said, ” she has nothing to lose” be with the voice that speaks without fear of anything until she has committed a crime or something and “it may cost her life she is ready to give that also”. This documentary focused on Canada and a way of following and respecting the Multi-Calturalisum and celebrating all festivals of every culture.

At this festival, they were supposed to mimic the film when Leena Manimekalai, who belongs to the maharajapuram village was living in Tamil Nadu, India. she made an internationally released and admired documentary a short film, Madathi, and Sengadal in the Dead Sea. This documentation presented the same customs and related to the same outlook. which is only the tip of the iceberg and the size is still underwater. Taking the video viral on social media. It is produced by Anurag Basu and This movie is also available on Netflix and also on social media platforms in form of short clips. some claim that the film content is Hinduphobic as lord RAM is not God which is not a thing to say as lord RAM is the prime God of Hindu and BJP-invented electronic voting machine that was written by Leena Manimekalai on Twitter.

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