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Le Seraphim Members: All About 6 members of HYBE’s new K-pop girl group


Le Seraphim Members: All About 6 members of HYBE’s new K-pop girl group: Six Korean Kpop girls have looked similar. Three of them were chosen while three of them were not. They all participated in a survival show Produce 48 which is very popular these days. Judges are so confused to choose one. All the six participants are good looks and all have great skills. Those six girls’ names are Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eunchae. If you follow one of them then you will notice that they have a good amount of followings. These six girls were shown in the Le Sserafilm. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

le seraphim members

Le Seraphim Members

The release date of Le Sserafim is approaching faster than ever. When it was announced that Kim Chaewon and Miyawaki Sakura of the popular third-gen group IZ*ONE would be re-debuting in Le Serafim, the girl group drew a lot of attention. K-pop fans were thrilled to see what their new girl group had in store, especially because HYBE is home to some legendary K-pop groups such as BTS, TXT, and Enhypen. HYBE’s first girl group, Le Serafim, was formed in partnership with Source Music, the label that managed the leading girl group GFriend.

The production of Le Sserafim’s debut album will be overseen by Bang PD, the creator of HYBE. Three of the members had previously appeared on the reality show ‘Produce 48,’ which gave rise to the formation of IZ*ONE. A ballerina from the Netherlands was also brought in by the group, which shocked everyone. Here’s everything we know about the six members of Le Serafim, who are slated to debut in May.


What is the meaning of the Le Serafim?

Those who don’t know about the Le Serafim. This means that an angel has six wings. And in this show, many depict that the six girls were wings and Le Serafim was an angel. Different people have different assumptions. We can’t fix them. Now we are going to share some profiles of that six girls with you.

  1. Kim Chaewon – She was the leader of the group and a member of the lZ*ONE. It was predicted that she appeared in the Golden Child’s music video.
  2. Sakura – She is from Japan and belongs to the I*Zone along with Chaewon.
  3. Huh, Yunjin – She is half Korean and half American and joined the Produce 48.
  4. Kazuha – She is Japanese and grew up in the Netherlands.
  5. Kim Garam- She was the second Le Sserafim member
  6. Hong Eunchae- She is the youngest member and also participated in it.

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