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Lavender Marriage Meaning Explained


Lavender Marriage Meaning Explained: Marriage is always considered the most essential part of life as everyone needs someone to spend their life. In several movies, the happy endings are considered when the main lead gets married. Bollywood movies are highly based on this concept of marriage and due to this different kinds of marriage concepts are featured in Hindi cinema. Hindi cinema is once again back with a completely unique concept of marriage which will surely be won the heart of the audiences. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Lavender Marriage Meaning

Lavender Marriage Meaning Explained

The most furiously -anticipated film titled “Badhaai Do” starring Bhumi Pednekar and Rajkummar Rao released its trailer on Tuesday, 25th January 2022 and since then it has generated a lot of hype over its portrayal of a “lavender marriage”. The term lavender marriage is currently creating a buzz on social media and the netizens are keen to know more about it. We take a gaze at what exactly is a lavender marriage and why its depiction could affect the LGBTQ struggle for equality. Stick to know more about the term “Lavender Marriage”.


What Is  “Lavender Marriage”?

The trailer of the film shows Bhumi who played the role of Suman Singh, a 31-year-old physical education teacher, who is homos*xual. She tied the wedding knot to a cop named Shardul Thakur (role played by Rajkummar) to run away from the pressure of their families.

Shardul and Suman have the arrangement to live like “roommates” but chaos results when her girlfriend (Chum Darang) comes to live with them. Things gets more complicated when their families started pressuring both of them to have a baby. The last scene of the trailer discloses the secret of Rajkummar Rao that he too, is interested in men only.

As described by the trailer of the film, a lavender marriage is explained as a wedding between a man and a woman in which one, or both, parties are homosexual. Certainly, but not always, both parties are considered to be complicit in a public deception in order to hide their true identity or homosexuality.

The utterance itself came into colloquial use at the time of the 1920s.

The term Lavender Marriages is not new and was very common prior to World War II when celebrities and public figures would hide their se*ual preferences- as it was such a taboo and get wedded, so as to have a steady career in the entertainment and film industry.

A mental health counselor and a wellness coach, Arouba Kabir was cited as that “lavender marriages” are over 100 years old. This kind of wedding can be understood as an “act of convenience” for creating a public deception when two persons usually a male and a female come together secretly having their mixed-orientation.”

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