Lauraine Davis Of Chippewa Falls WI: Lily Peters Aunt and Murder Suspect Carson Peters Berger Mother: Recently, the news went viral on the internet that a girl in her teens had been missing for so many days. Her parents were worried about her and they gonna searched everywhere They called her friends, knock on each other, and asked her colony friends but they didn’t get any clue where she was gone. Carson Peters Berger, the Lily Peters suspect is Lauraine’s daughter. Liliana aka Lily Peters. She is 10 years old. She doesn’t know whose right and whose wrong person. She was innocent and immediately indulged with anyone. Last time, she has been seen in North Street where she was coming back from her aunt’s house. Follow More Update On

Lauraine Davis

Who Is Lauraine Davis Of Chippewa Falls WI?

Maybe people were estimating that when she was coming back, someone kidnapped her or taken her to someplace to do some nasty things with her. But these are the statements that people made. The real truth has yet to become out once cops conduct a deep investigation. Her father has reported a file of her missing case and cops are investigating it.

During their investigation, they discovered that a 10-year-old girl has found dead in western Wisconsin. On Monday morning, Lily Peters’s body was discovered near a Chippewa Falls walking route. Police determined that her death was a homicide. Her mother Lauraine suspects Carson Peters Beger.

But she doesn’t have any proof to find her guilty. Cops didn’t reveal the culprit’s identity in the media because they don’t want to put his parents in this case. The investigation of a 10-year-old girl is still underway and cops didn’t have any proof to find him guilty.  They have less evidence against him. Because the child has been killed and found her body in western Wisconsin, the school security has been upgraded and they are taking all safety measures from their end.

As we already mentioned, On Sunday, Lily was last seen leaving her aunt’s house on her way to her father’s house nearby. After she failed to return home at 9 pm. Her father phoned the cops and inform the whole incident. Something around 9:15 is. Lily’s body was discovered and she was dead already. Her parents were very sad and they were crying all the time by saying her beautiful daughter has died. We want to see the culprit in jail.


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