Landscapers: Where are Killer Susan Edwards and Christopher Edwards Now?: Can you imagine someone killed their own parents? No right, as everyone adores their parents and can never think about hurting them. But one daughter has killed their own parents which is quite shocking for anyone. Susan Edwards, who assassinated her own parents in the year 1998. She is a sentenced killer. She is the murderer of William and Patricia Wycherley, whose remains were not found until the year 2013. The lethal murder was kept a secret for more than 15 years. In the month of October 2013, the remains were unearthed from a house in Mansfield. Follow More Update On

Susan Edwards and Christopher Edwards

Where are Killer Susan Edwards and Christopher Edwards Now?

Susan had shot her own parents using a Second World War gun in the year 1998. Their scary story has been covered in the Sky drama titled “Landscapers”. In the series, David Thewlis and Olivia Colman will star as the killer couples. Read more to know about the characters of Landscapers.

Susan Edwards is not available on Wikipedia pages. She is responsible for murdering her own parents; William, 85, and Patricia 63. The old parents were shot to the demised and buried in the yard of their Nottingham, England home. Their remains were discovered in the year 2013.

Susan was allegedly serving as a Librarian in the year 1998. Between the killing, she also stole an amount of £280,000 from her parents. Finally, she drained all the Wycherley accounts until the year 2013. Not much is known about the earlier life of Susan. She was born around 1958, she is in her 60s.

Susan Edwards Tied The Wedding Knot In The Year 1983

The husband of Susan Edward, Christopher Edwards worked as a bookkeeper. The duo was allegedly parted at the time of the killing. They had assassinated Wycherley to increase benefits from their house and pensions. In the meantime, successfully lied about Wycherley for 15 years. Susan and her partner then started to live in a fantasy world of the silver screen.

They also bought expensive Hollywood memorabilia. The Edwards had allegedly met through a dating agency. The due had a deep love for Hollywood memorabilia. Christopher had always admired the history of the military. In the meantime, his wife was into Golden Age celebrities of Hollywood.

Susan and Christopher Edwards were taken to jail in the year 2014. They were convicted to life imprisonment by the Nottingham Crown Court. The killer duo was apprehended while attempting to run away to London.


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