Lake Victoria Accident: Survivors reveal Lake Victoria boat accident details: On Wednesday night Uganda police got a call that informed the department about a boat accident that happened at the Kisenyi Landing site. Since this news surfaced on the internet many questions have been asked on the web by the netizens as they have been perplexed by the cause of the accident. However, we have got an exclusive report from our source and we have been informed of some important aspects of the accident. If you follow this column till the end then you will surely get to learn every imperative aspect of this accident. We assure you that you will not require to visit any other web page if you read down all the forthcoming sections of this article. We have placed important factors of the accident in the given below sections. Kindly scroll down the page to take a peek below. Follow More Update On

Lake Victoria Accident

Uganda Police Marines responded to a boat accident on Wednesday night. According to the reports the accident took place at the Kisenyi Landing site. Reportedly, the involved boat first dropped off some individuals around 8:00 PM at the Lukuba Landing site but it eventually got involved in an accident on Lake Victoria. But what could be the reason behind the accident and what is the cause of this accident? To get this have a look at the following section.

Uganda Police Marines claimed that the engines of the boat entangled in fishing nets due to which the boat lost its balance and one person fell into the water. Furthermore, the boat which was malfunctioning was hit by strong winds near the shore of Lukuba. How many people were there on the boat during the accident? And is there also any loss of life or not? There are still many questions to be answered, to learn the answer to these questions kindly read down the next section. Scroll down the page.

Police claimed that as many as nine people were there on the boat at that moment. But fortunately, all the nine people got off the boat safely. Uganda police also stated that Uganda Police marines have recovered both engines of the boat from the waters. Police also stated that people should be remembered that boats are not permitted to travel at night. Department shall prefer penalties against the owner of the boat if we found such an incident. Stay tuned to this page for more information.


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