Home News Lake Orion Student Arrested: Why was Lake Orion Student Arrested? Revealed

Lake Orion Student Arrested: Why was Lake Orion Student Arrested? Revealed


Lake Orion Student Arrested: Why was Lake Orion Student Arrested? Revealed: The news is coming from Lake Orion in Michigan, a junior at Lake Prion High school has been arrested and now faces a criminal charge as he threatened to shoot up the school one day after the deadly shooting at Oxford High School, this has been stated by the authorities. It seems like these shootings at the school premises have become a thing in this world, there is always news that keeps coming up about students carrying pistols or guns and there have been so many lives that have been lost because of what has been happening for quite some time now. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Lake Orion Student Arrested

Lake Orion Student Arrested

There have been at least three students who are dead and about eight students who have gotten injured after a 15-year-old sophomore opened up fire at his Michigan high school today, the suspected shooter was taken into custody by the authorities in relation to the shooting at the Oxford High School which is in North of Detroit in Oakland, a handgun was recovered at the time.

At around 12:51 pm, the first 9-1-1 call got placed about an active shooter at Oxford High School, this has been stated by the Sheriff’s office in a statement which they posted on Facebook, dispatch received about 100 calls at the time of the accident. The three students who got killed in the shooting were 16 years old Tate Myre and 14-year-old Hanna St Julian and 17-year-old Madisyn Baldwin.

Myre succumbed to his death wounds in a patrol car as a deputy tried to get him to a hospital, there have been chilling visuals from the shooting incident that have shown the students running for cover and classroom doors barricaded with the chairs as the suspect walked through the halls with a semi-automatic handgun.

Why was Lake Orion Student Arrested?

The student appeared on Friday in the afternoon by Zoom conference before Oakland County probate Referee Micahel Hand who authorized a misdemeanor petition charging the student with threatening to commit violence with a firearm against the students, the employees r the school property.

The conviction of the charge carried up to a year imprisonment and a $1,000 fine, the school resource deputy received the information about a school threat in which the 15-year old threatened to shoot up the school, he stated that he has been planning to take revenge against someone for numerous years.

It has been further stated that numerous guns have been removed from the student’s home at the request of detectives and are being held in another location for safekeeping, a preliminary examination is scheduled to resume at 10:00 am dating to 10th December.

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