A natural disaster took place in Nigeria where a number of people are suffering from many problems. In this disaster, the cars and buses have drowned in the water, passengers who are passing by buses kneeling in the flood, thousands of homes have been destroyed. As we all know that Nigeria is one of the most populous nations in Africa. Several people have lost their homes and their loved ones as well. The residents of Nigeria are accustomed to the annual floods that hit the coastal city in the months of March to November. Through this article, our viewers will come to know all the latest updates on Nigeria.

Lagos Nigeria Floods

Lagos Nigeria Floods

In early July month, Lagos Island’s business districts have suffered from one of the worst floods this year. The residents of the nation are suffering a lot of problems including survival issues, the sensitivity of food, medical emergencies, and many more. The citizens are not able to come outside of their house and some places, the houses are all drowned completely. It is being said that soon, the people will not able to live in the city. Many people are leaving their houses and going to stay elsewhere due to the flood as their homes have submerged in water.

Nigerian actress, Kate Henshaw posted a video of flood with the caption, “Every year!!!! Same in Lagos!! Nothing is ever done about flooding but to tell citizens to move….. Pls, keep your saloon cars at home o. Even SUVs dey swim”.  The actress has shown her concern on social media and also appealed to the people to stay at their homes as it is the only which we can do to save lives. Several videos and photos have been sharing on social media in which dozen of vehicles have been drowning just like that in the water.

A spokesperson of the emergency management agency of Nigeria, Manzo Ezekiel stated that the Lagos Victoria Island’s riverbank has washed off completely. He added that the level of water is increasing continuously that is harming the land badly. NIHSA has warned the people to stay in their houses only at least those whose houses haven’t been affected by the flood, they should not come out of their residence. In this situation, the Government should take strict and quick actions. The government should provide rescue teams on time. As we know that it is a very bad time for all Nigerians so they have to be calm and keep themselves safe in their houses.


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