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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, Written Update, 26th May 2021, Laala Threaten to Amrit!


The episode begins with a lot of hopes and doubts for the main leads Ramdheer and Amrit. As we wall to know that Veer is trying to be nice in front of Amrit and Randheer so that he can create issues between the love birds and they will going to hate each other. He is doing all these as he s in love with Amrit and can’t stay without her but he is still not aware of his feelings.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Veer is so clever and he is taking an advantage of Ydau and Vasham not to give way to his own plans. He is planning to create issues between Rnadheer and Amrit hence in tonight’s episode we will go see that Veer tells a plan to everyone. The plan is like this, “Vashma will go to the temple with us then we call Bahnu and Saroj there. Hence Vashma will be going to act as she is meeting them incidentally.”

While Randheer didn’t like his plan and he made some changes to it. Randheer says that “Today is voting day and we all are already going there while Saroj and Bhanu will also come there and this the best way to meet them and no one will going to doubt on them.” Amrit also agrees with him and says “Randheer is right and Rani Sa also needs all of us with her as the day is the big day for her.” Bjr Veer interrupts and says ‘you both are right but Temple’s plan is far better than this. Amrit even you can also get the time to pray for Rani Sa. Hence it’s the final decision.”

Ransheer suspects Veer’s negative intentions, but he isn’t sure about it and wonders whether Verr is serious or is still planning something against me and Amrit. Ransheer is right as Veer’s intentions are negative. He is planning to win Amrit by cheating on the love birds. The episode tonight is going to be jammed up with lots of surprises and shock for Amrit hence don’t forget to watch it on Sony Tv.

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