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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Written Update 20th April 2021 Today’s Episode: Amrit Run Away To Saw Randhir


Here we are with a written episode update of “Kyu Uthhe Dil Chood Aya” on 20th April 2021. The episode begins with gons take the Amrit to the prostitute and the owner of the prostitute gets happy to see Amrit she say “the girl is fresh and beautiful and she is the one who will get me a lot of business. On the other side, a boy is to ask everyone how they are feeling and he tells his bride that you are the most beautiful girl and I have brought a gift for you.

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Amrit gets wakes up and she gets stunned where she is. Meanwhile, that prostitute comes and tells her that she is safe here and gets a job also. Amrit cries and requests her to let her go from there but that owner uses to scare her. Meanwhile, Veer comes n his room and he uses to wonder “thank god I somehow manage the situation but Rahmmat still in a doubt, and I have to keep things normal and alright”. And he also wonders what will I do if Rahmat asks me to see the face of my bride.

Amrit’s Bua is getting worried for her and she is crying too, she tells Amrits brother to go and register the missing FIR of Amrit but he Denise to do so as he is afraid of Veer. She uses to yells at him a lot but Bua Ji keeps on crying and prays to god for the well-being of  Amrit. Whereas the owner lady is forcing Amrit to wear the clothes and live here only as I will not let you leave from here. Amrit is pleading to her to let her go.

Later Amrit overhears the conversation of Veer and he is in so much anger. Amrit wonders Veer’s words and she changes the clothes and Vashma sees her. Vashma asks Amrit where is she going Amrit tells her that I m going Verr but Vashmmastips her. Amrit tells her that she has to go else Veer will kill her family members hence I have to go to him. Both use to share the plans with each other and give strength to each other. Later a lady fetches juice for Veer and he gets angry at her. Vshama tries to make Amrit understand the fact that Verr is in so much anger hence she must not go with him. And the episode ends here.

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