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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, Written Update, 18th June 2021, Veer Is Being Dramatic For Amrit Again!


The episode begins with Randheer is scolding Amrit without even knowing the truth. He uses to blame her for no reason. Meanwhile, Veer comes to them and he tells Ransheer that he get the opportunity to meet his father is due to Amrit only. Randheer regrets his behavior and he asks for an apology along with this he even thanked her also.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Randheer leaves from there and Veerpases a smile at Amrit but she is tensed. Later we will see that the second husband of Raani Sa brings her son to the haveli as a  bodyguard of Raani Sa. And he tells her that from now on this boy will be going to be your bodyguard and he will stay with you whenever you go out. Raani Sa thanked him and she smiles. After she leaves from there, his son gets angry at him and says I can’t do this. Later Vashma comes there and Baba introduces her to Naman.

Vasaham reminds us that he is the same person who usually comes to “Kotha” and he also remembers her that she is Noormahal. But both choose to remain quiet. Meanwhile, Ver and Amrit also come there and they ask about Naman to Baba. Veer tells him to be a focus on his duty. After this Amrit asks Baba about that thief. Baba lies to her that he doesn’t know anything about him. As he is something release his own son was the one who came there to shot Veer and t was all planned by him only.

On the other side, we will see that Randheer gets to meet his father and he sits next to him, and his father asks him about Amrit. Later we will see that Amrit is regretting her decision of getting married to Veer. Whereas the most highlighted phase of the tights episode is when Randheer notices a picture of a boy in his father’s hand and he uses to ask him about that boy. But his father lies to him and hiding the truth. While Amrit suspected that he is hiding something from them.

Later his father use to cut this picture with succor but Amrit comes there and he stops him to do so. After this, she asks him what is he hiding. Hence the truth about this picture will be going to be revealed in the next episode.

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