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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Today’s Episode Written Update 22 April 2021: Veer’s Announcement


The episode starts with Randhir as he describes his love interest to Veer and he makes a sketch. Bindu sees Amrit’s face and says she is very beautiful. Vijender comes there and says she is his son’s choice. Amrit’s brother comes there. Sattu tells that Uday has come to Amrit. She gets happy to see him and asks if she meets him. Vijender agrees. She says thanks to him and goes to talk to him. Veer completes a half sketch of Amrit.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Sattu comes to Veer. He asks him to take alcohol. Sattu tells him that Amrit’s brother has come. Veer stops to make a sketch and says he will start tomorrow as his mood is destroyed. Amrit and Uday hug each other. He says to him that he is perfectly fine and soon everything will be okay. He says that he knows the wedding hasn’t happened and she is still waiting for Randhir. He says he is always with her. Veer comes there and asks to open the door. Veer reprimands Uday when he says that he will meet Ranimaa. Uday says to him that he will do what he wants to do.

Amrit says to Veer that he is taking the meaning in the wrong way. Udays says to Veer that he makes my fool. Veer says to him that his sister left him. Vijender comes there with Nalini. Amrit tries to calm them but they were not listening to him. Veer gets stunned to see the face of Amrit. She says that they are a refugee and lost their home and everything but she has values which her parents gave to her. She says to him that now this house is mine and the respect of this house is mine. She adds that she never wants to ruin it. She asks her brother to go from there.

Uday says sorry to everyone and warns Veer to behave properly to her sister. Vijender goes to Veer and asks what happened. He says he doesn’t like when someone cheats on him. Randhir says he met with a kind person who is making a sketch of his Amrit. She says when he completes the sketch, he will publish her picture so that he can find Amrit soon. A man asks him what will he do when he will meet her. He says once he meets he never let her go again and apologizes to her for a stay away from her.

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