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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Today’s Episode 26th April 2021 Spoiler Alert & Future Story


In the first scene of the episode you will see Amrit as she is feeding Veer with her own hands as Nalini sees it and gets angry to what she is seeing and then leaves eventually, Veer is biting Amrit’s hands and went on to say that he was really hurt when she left him as they started arguing in the room and then he goes away. She started having thoughts of Randhir as she sees an anklet as Veer finds out that door is closed.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Today's Episode 26th April 2021 Spoiler Alert & Future Story

He sneaks in and he catches Amrit and he says to Amrit that he wants to run again it seems like and that is why the door has been closed by him to which she replied that in order for her to run she needs to open the door rather than closing it and she further states that he always thinks about Anaita and she questions her that he never tells her about her as he ignored her questions and went on to break the lock and states that now she can never lock the door form inside.

In the next scene you will see Randhir asking Sattu about the whereabouts of Veer to which he replied that Veer earlier asked him to come, a sound of anklet is coming from somewhere as Amrit is thinking of where it coming from, she is seeing Veer with the anklet to which he replied that he knew that he will come here.

Amrit got angry as she says that she has a name if she wants to call her, call her by her name as they started arguing and she states that she is unfortunate enough that her parents have not taught her to break promises and that is the reason she cant run away to which he replied that she can keep the anklet as a reward and he further went on to say that don’t think of it as a gift, it is a chain that will keep a track of her and he will know about her whereabouts all the time because og the anklet and he further asks her to wear the anklet in front of him.

she went on to say that he cant keep any relationship safe and he replies that loneliness is something that everyone is scared from but he loves it and that is why he doesn’t love anyone and further addresses himself as a free bird as he has nothing to loose and nothing to love to which he seems to be very proud of.

Amrit and Vijender are having a conversation as Amrit offers help to  him as he sates that his dad had 5 guns and further stating that he has also learnt shooting form him to which he replied that he should be scared after which she fixes the gun and he thanked her.

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