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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Today Episode 5th July 2021 Written Update: The Truth Behind Amrit’s Marriage Unfolds!


The episode begins as we know that Veer has been passed away hence Amrit has become a widower so she has to face some of the rituals which aren’t important  at all. This thing husrting Randheer also. He will be seen making her understand that how it is important for jer to take stand for herself and make everyone understand that these rituals are fake.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

And he tells her to start her writing career as she is teh finest writer and this the only way she can tale stand for herself. Later we will see that Uday and Vahsma come and they are happy. Meanwhile, Raani Sa asks him why is he so happy then Uday tells everyone that he get selected in teh Indian team everyone becomes happy for him and Amrit is also very happy for her brother. But Kaveri gets jealous when she listened to this.

Ramdheer ‘also congratulates him and  Uday says to Raani Maa that he needs a stamp on his papers. Raani Saa agrees to him. While on the other hand, Vijaneder is also getting jealous of his success. Then he guve signal to Kaver to reavrl Vashms’s truth that sh was a dancer before coming here. Then Kabveri asks her ‘name and Amrit use to get shock why is she confirming her name. Kaveri has a hit in her and of Viashmannad she says that this girl is looking like you.

Kavero sya that she is a prostitute. Raani Saa gets stunned and she says that this a simple girl who works here. But somehow Vashma, Uday, and Amrit handle the situation. Later we will see that Randheer and Amrit are talking to each other meanwhile a servant comes to them and he informed Randheer that someone is beating Uday. Amrit also goes to see this but Kavceri stops her and not let her enter there. On the other side, Uday and Vahsma is struggling to save each other from the goons. The epiosde ends here.

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