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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, 9th June 2021, full episode, written update, Veer Like Amrit Or Is It A Plan?


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Amrit is approaching Veer as he is pretty drunk and then he goes on touch her to confirm that she is here and he is not hallucinating and then he speaks that he doesn’t want her pity at all and he wants her love instead and he then goes on to push her away and then she gets fallen down and then he goes on to recall the death of his brother and,

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Then he panics and then he lost his consciousness as he faints and seeing that she gets scared and she shouts his name and after hearing all of this Randhir enters the scene and he takes Veer to his room and he states that he has spectated him being happy, Nalini and Vijender have entered the scene and Mohan is asking Randhir as to how did her dare to enter the room of Veer as he further states that this is the reason that our family’s respect is going to be brought down,

As he is getting angry while he is warning Nalini and he goes away and then Nalini is scolding Amrit after that and then Amrit is stating that he doesn’t need to be a part of all of this as she further stated that she can handle her husband by herself and after hearing that Randhir leaves the place, In the next scene, you are going to see Vashma and Uday as they are having a moment as he stated to her that he is going to set up a meeting with the commissioner as he further states that he is definitely going to find Kabir no matter what as Vashma is stating that,

He is always going to be in her prayers as he stated to her that their family is going to be complete as soon as they find Kabir and they further discussed and jumped to a conclusion that they are going to make the family aware of what has happened after they are able to find Kabir and then he leaves,

In the next scene you are going to see Saroj as she is throwing chili powder into the eyes of Vashma and then he is scolding her and then she is asking her about Kabir and then Vashma is seeing asking for some water and she further states that she needs the water and she further states that Kabir is her son and then Saroj throws out a statement in which he is saying that he doesn’t know that whose blood he really is.

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