What a lovely day, let’s make it more lovely with the written update of the daily soap “Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye” of 7th June 2021. The serial is getting quite interesting to watch as Amrit again starts writing stories and Randheer is happy that finally, Raanjhan is back. He also assured to publish her stories in his newspaper, But not any serials are incomplete without conspiracy. Kaveri Bua is constantly making conspiracies against Amdheer and provoking Rani Maa against them. Let’s see what is written next in the story and in their fate. 

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

The promo of the serial is giving a glimpse that the viewers will be going to see another conspiracy of Kaveri Bua. In the promo, Kaveri Bua is talking to Rani Maa and says I know everyone thinks I am wrong and a bad person but what can I do Bhabhi I have to portray myself as a villain in front of everyone. She makes a puppy face in front of Rani Maa and even Rani Maa feels bad for her.

Kaveri Bua further says what is it that when something goes wrong in our royal family, I can’t even sit quietly. Rani Maa nods her head and then Bua again says don’t you think that the girl who came from outside is wearing a different color on our innocent Randheer don’t know what she has done otherwise our Randhir will be forced to lie to his mother.

Rani Maa’s face is clearly showing that Kaveri’s aunt’s words have made her think and then she asks her to say clearly what she wants to say. All this done by your beloved daughter-in-law, Amrit, or else your blood never goes against you Bhabhi Sa. After listening to Kaveri Bua’s words, will Rani Maa separate Adhir from each other? How their love story will survive is quite an interesting part of the serial. 

Through, this show Randheer Raizada aka Zaan Khan has made immense fame through his role in just a short span of time. Due to his acting and popularity, he considered in the top five actors on Television currently. In an interview, he reveals about the show that in the upcoming episode with the disclosure of Randheer and Amrit’s past Rani Maa will have major stunned.

The viewers will see a high voltage drama. Both disclosed the truth in an awful situation. This time also Bua creating differences between Amdheer and Rani Maa once again. That’s all for today, we will soon back with further updates till then watch this episode of “Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye” on the Sony TV channel at 9:00 PM, and stay tuned with us for more such updates.


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