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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, 31 May 2021, Written Update, Amrit Gives A Reality Check!


Monday is back and your favorite pre-Independence theme-based serial “Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye” is ready with another melodramatic episode for your amusement. Before the telecasts of it, we are providing you the written update of today’s episode of 31st May 2021. The interesting twist is making the serial more interesting to watch as it covers the two love stories together one of Vashima and Uday and, the second one of Amrit, Veer, and Randheer. In today’s episode, the viewers will see an interesting twist in which Amrit’s brother Bhanu is making a serious allegation on Randheer.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

So without wasting further time let’s dig into today’s episode, in the promo of the serial begins with Randheer who comes inside the guest room of Veer Haveli and greets everyone. Suddenly Uday enters angrily and without saying anything just starts hitting Randheer. Everyone gets shocked and starts wondering what is happening on the other side Amrit tries to stop her brother but Bhanu still beating him.

Then Rani Ma asks Bhanu to stop and says what kind of nonsense it is and stop it right now and then Bhanu says Rani Maa I will tell you why Randheer comes late and where he is. Amrit looking at both of them and then Bhanu made serious allegations about him which makes everyone stand shocks there. Bhanu says Randheer comes late because he was in my house and tried to physically assault my wife Saroj.

Randheer gets stunned after hearing this serious allegation and Amrit along with Uday and Vashma also comes in a sudden shock. Everyone looks at him with a wide-open mouth and Amrit is still not believing in this. On the other side, Veer is smiling which is indicating that this conspiracy may be plot-created by him. By making Randheer guilty with his plot, will Veer be able to separate the impatient or will Amrit save her love?

Veer is trying hard to separate Randheer from Amrit and in this desire he making all the false plans and trying to destroy his image in front of Amrit. Let’s see in the upcoming episodes how he will be going to succeed in his plan and how Amrit will tackle this. To know the answers to these questions just stay tuned with us

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