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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd July 2021 written update: Kaveri instigates Rani maa against Amrit!


We are back with the written update of “Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaya” of 2nd July 2021. The story of the serial already takes unexpected twists in which Veer lost his life and leaves Amrit as a widow. The viewers are missing their favorite character Veer in the show but also delight in the fact that now the love birds Amrit and Randheer will be reunited. However, any love story can not be complete with any villain. A new character or we can say a villain is taking entry into the life of Amdheer. Kaveri Bua is pouring poison in the mind of the queen mother for the impatient, will she be successful in this conspiracy?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

The promo suggests a lot of drama is portraying in the upcoming episode of the serial which will surely grab the attention of the viewers. In the promo, a group of ruffians is beating Uday and some people have hold Vashma. Ruffians are brutally beating Uday in front of Vashma and she is helplessly crying and begging them to not beat him. Randheer reaches there in order to save Uday and on the other hand, Amrit is about to leave the house to go but suddenly Kaveri Bua when the aunt comes there.

But the aunt refuses to let him go and makes a Lakshman Rekha in front of her, Amrit requests her, again and again, to let her go. Amrit says it is really important for her to go but Kaveri Bua says every single step outside the house will be an insult to sister-in-law but Amrit crosses the Lakshman Rekha and then Kaveri Bua starts inciting Rani Maa against Amrit. Bua says don’t you think our innocent Randheer has got a different color from this girl who came from outside. She further says I don’t like this brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s relationship. 

After hearing her words Rani Maa also starts thinking about this. What if the aunt succeeds in her tricks? Will Rani Maa will also be going against Amdheer and what new turn is going to take in their lives. Is it written in the life of the Amdheer to only walk together, not to be together? To know all the answers to these questions just stay tuned with us.

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