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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, 25th May 2021, Written Update, Veer Confess About His Drunken Habits!


In tonight’s episode, we will go to see that Veer is going to plan against Amrot and Randheer. Verf falls in love with Amrit but he doesn’t even realize it and he is trying to be nice in front of Amirt and Rnadheer. As in the last episode we have seen that Veer use to behave decent and innocent and he even said that he wants to see them together.

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But Randheer knows Veer very well and he keeps on wondering if Veer is playing a game. Amrit is happy and she says to Radheer that we are going to be together very soon. Her happiness is at the next level but Randheer tells her that he knows Veer very well and there might be some planning going on his mind. Amrit says whatever I only want to live with you no matters what happens.” Randheer ‘says even I also think ]so and ‘we have to be together at any cost as I can’t live without you.

Veer has a master plan which will be going to create separation between Radheer and Amrit. He is taking an advantage of Amrit’s brother so that he can execute his plan to create misunderstandings between Amriy and Randheer. On the other side, we will also be going to see that Rani Sa use to asks Randheer about Vashma, meanwhile, Veer comes there and he uses to handle the situation.

By exclaiming that “Vashma is Amrit’s friend and Uday’s fiance.” Meanwhile, Uday asks Veer “where she is?” Whereas Vashma joins them and she is in a new look which shocks everyone. Uday gets stunned when he sees her Vahasm in a completely new look. Now the question is how will Uday going to react her new look. The serial is becoming more appealing as the makers have been created suspense. The audience is getting excited as they are waiting to see Randeer and Amrit going to love their life together but there will be a twist hence don’t forget to watch it on Sony Tv.

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