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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 25th June 2021 full episode written update: Rani Maa give big punishment to Nalin!


The episode begins with Veer and Randheer use to dance for her mother and three of them are super happy. But they are unaware of the truth that Vijender and his son are planning the death of Randheer by spreading ashes of crackers. Later we will see that Randjeher is about to fall but Veer holds him. Their uncle says that even destiny also planning to kill one of your sons. After this Veer and RRaano Sa burst on him in anger.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Later Randheer and Amritrt are stuck in the Weapons room and their life is in danger. On the other side Veer and Raani Sa get upset when there is a fire in the Haveli and they didn’t find Ramdheer and Amrit there. Veer is finding them everywhere. On the other hand, Randheer also finding Amrit. And she is in the room. Then there is a big explosion. After which Raani Sa losses herself as her both sons are inside the haveli. Everyone rushes towards the room Raani Saa yells Randheer, Veer. But there is no response from many of them. Meanwhile, someone comes outside and he tells that they got a burned body from the room.

So, if yiu arene’t seen teh ;ast epiosde so let us tell you that it was alak teh pasrt of Vijanders plan s thet he can giev all teh proetrey to his son Naleen. He planned the death of Randheer and Amrit. And Naleen used to spread crakers ashes all around the webspam room and then he use to light up a cadel. So when Randheer and Amrit went inside he put that candle on the ash and there is an explosion. Raani Saa is hopeless and upset as she doesn’t have any idea what happened to Rnadheer, Veer, and Amrit. She is in huge grief and wondering whether she will go to see her children ever again or not.

So let us tell you that in the upcoming episode you will going to see that Rnadheer and Amrit are safe. On the other sied Raani Sa get to know the truth about Vijemeder anafd Naleen. Then she [iwll going to punish both of them. The drama is at its sneak peek and the audience is loving the serial. The concept of the drama is highly engaging. So enjoy the full episode on sony tv.

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