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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, 23 June 2021, Written Update, Veer’s plotting against Randhir!


The episode begins with a huge truth that has been revealed in front of both main leads. Now we will read how they use to react to it. Whether they accept it or the hatred will be increased between them. The serial is at its sneak peek and you must be super excited to know what will be shown in tonight’s episode.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

So here in this article, you will get to read the update of an upcoming episode. The episode begins with Randheer’s father tells him the truth that he isn’t his biological father, as they got him near a river in very bad condition, so he and his wife picked him in their lap and took him home to their home.” Randheer get the biggest shock and somewhere he has hurt also.

After this we will witness that Baba is also planning something big against Raani Maa and Veer, His plan is to prove that his son is the lost son of Raani Sa. So, that he can get the right in the property of Raani Sa. On the other hand, Ransheer and his father both get emotional and they hug each other. But Randheer remains in question, “who are his real parents?”. This question is making him frustrated and he is feeling helpless. After knowing that Randheer and Veer are the brothers from Amrit. Randheer decided to go back to his dad and asked him the truth.

So after listening to all the truth he goes back to haveli. And he calls Veer his brother. Later both get melted and they use to hug each other by forgetting all the differences. They have tears in their eyes but these years are of happiness. On the other hand, there is Hawaan and Raani Maa is in the regret that she had two sons one has already left her many years ago and one is good for nothing so she has to worship alone.

Veer and Randheer use to apologize to each other for whatever happened in the past. And they are regretting their behavior toward each other. Amrit is also happy to see them together. But Baba on the other side is ready with his full proof plan. Now we will have to wait to see whether Veer and Randheer will successfully tell the truth to Raani Maa or Baba will succeed? watch the full episode on sony tv.

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