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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 23 April 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer Portraits Amrit


Hello, “Kyun Uthre Dil Chhod Aaye” enthusiasts we are here to keep you updated with the written episode of 23 April 2021. The episode begins with lots of suspense for the characters and they are gonna face a shock. While we will see Veer comparing Amrit to his ex-fiance who used to hurt him a lot. On the other side, Amrit wonders who that girl was and what happened to Veer.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Both Amrit and Veer are hurt as Amrit keeps on waiting for Ranheer and Veer isn’t able to forget about her ex-fiance. We can say of both of them are going through disheartening feelings but no one is aware of each other’s sorrow. In tonight’s episode, we will go to witness the most unexpected situation for the main leads including Veer, Ransheer, and Amrit. Veer meets Randheer and they get into a good bond after which Rnadheer use to share his love story with Veer.

He tells everything about him and Amrit, as to how they met each other and gets separated but still, waiting to meet each other one day. Then Veer takes him to his painting room and Randheer to tell about his lover in detail and he will try to make a portrait of her. Randheer gets excited and he uses to tell explain the features and facile expression of Amrit. Veer is portraying her.

And when the portrait is ready Rnadheer gets so happy and excited who;e on the other side Veer remains stunned as he realizes she so looks like Amrit and how can this possible. Then he says to Randheer I have portrayed the sketch of my wife and this seems weird to both of them but they use to ignore it and later both keep on thinking about it. This thing hits the Veer a lot while Randheer is unaware of the fact and he keeps on smiling wondering about Amrit.

In the last episode, we have seen that Amrit uses to make him understand that they have to act like a husband-wife in front of everyone else if the troth comes to put it will going to affect his life which she doesn’t want at all. While Veer shouted at her and taunts her unnecessarily. In the upcoming episode, we will go to see how Randheer and Amrit meet, and what will be the reaction of Veer when he gets to known the truth. To grab all the updates stay tuned to us.

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