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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22 March 2021 Written Episode Update: Mogar Realized The Fear of Losing Loved Ones


Another heartbreaking episode of “Kyu Uthe Dil Chod Aaya” is ready to take the audience to reminisce the pain of the 1947 Partition. In today’s episode of the show 22 March 2021 the viewers will see the pain of the people of Lahore, how the people at that time had a fear inside their heart of losing their loved ones. The actors acting in this serial are really commendable, their way of recreating the pain of the family who loses their loved ones at that are really amazing.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

As the viewers already watched in the previous episode Randheer is helping the Amrit family to leave Lahore as the entire city is burning and the rioters are assassinating the people and the place is not safe for living. The people are now understanding the values of the family which is bigger and important than anything else and Mogar is also realizing the same thing with this partition. She realized this fear of losing loved ones more than anything in the partition.

Today’s episode begins with Lalaji who is asking Bhanu to carry her Bua ji Mogar along with them in the jeep. But Bhanu says that there is no place that is left inside the jeep for Bua but Lalaji says if there is no place left then asks her mother and sister to come out but my sister and her daughter is my first concern and their safety is my first priority. Then Amrit and her mother step out from the jeep and Moger gets emotional and stunned after watching the love of his brother.

Lalajio wife and Amrit’s mother also ask Moger to sit inside the jeep and she continues to say it’s only a matter of few days and when everything is going to be settled down then you can come back and takes care of your Haveli. After listening to his sister in law words she gets emotional and shreds some tears, she looked upon her face with so many emotions. She does not understand what to say and then she sits inside the jeep with her daughter and looked them blankly and recalling her bitter words.

That how did she ask her brother to gave their haveli to her and her sister-in-law only gave her blessings to her, while she kept an eye on their property. Moger gets very emotional and in the second scenario, Lalaji, his wife, and Amrit sit inside another jeep along with Randheer and Farooq asks his goons to capture Amrit. He says catch her fast, she is escaping but jeep already goes away. The story now comes in an interesting turn, so the viewers do watch this emotional episode on the Sony TV channel at 9:00 PM and read upcoming details on our website.

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  1. Why make Randheer marry Radha? What a gathia sooch? Radha is a mother figure for Amrit and Uday. Why can’t Radha marry Kunal Jai SIngh? Step-mother is also a mother. Many cultures don’t marry their step-mother or step-aunt.


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