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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 22 June 2021 full episode written update: Naman harassed Bashma!


Hello readers, the next astonishing episode of “Kyun Utthe Dil Chood Aaya” is ready for the amusement of the audience. The love track is changed and the serial is portraying a new storyline that still holding the attention of the viewers. Amrit, Randheer, and Veer’s lives are entangled together and the sacrifice of Amrit for Randheer makes her a traitor in front of everyone. Now it seems like everything is getting settle down between Randheer and Veer but before that Randheer gets to know the truth of Amrit’s sacrifice and he confronts Veer but surprisingly this Veer not saying anything to him.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

In the promo of the serial, Randheer slaps Veer and holds his neck, and says to him there is no bad person like you in this entire world. You made a deal with my Amrita by making me a weakness. Randheer keeps slapping him and saying numerous things to him. Randheer says you threaten her, scared her, and make her cry every time. How could you be so mean and cruel to her?

Randheer says just only because of you Veer I think wrong about her and feels like he cheated me just only because of you. I treat her like a traitor but that girl did not say anything to me and silently endured everything only for the sake to save me. He keeps blaming him and says only because of you I hurt her and I tried to hate her and everything has happened just only because of you and your cheap conspiracy.

Surprisingly this time, Veer did not say anything to him and kept on beating him silently. It seems like he gets to know something big about Randeer. Even the second promo is also suggesting the same thing as in the promo Randheer and Veer hug each other and on the other side, Ranimaa is sitting in a Havan and suddenly she feels something. At the same time, Amrit follows them both.

Randheer and Veer both are very happy and on another side, Ranimaa eyes will fill with tears, and then Bhanu asks her Rani Maa what happened and she says don’t know. Amrit says it happens only because of RaniMaa’s blessings otherwise who knows who wants to kill each other they themselves have a blood relationship and then she says let’s go we will tell this good news to Ranimaa. Veer says to him let’s go to meet your mother. That’s all for today we will back soon till then watch this episode on the sony tv channel at 9:00 PM and always be with us for more such updates.

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