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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, 1st July 2021, Written Episode Update, Amrit and Randhir gave up their love!


The episode begins with comes Amrit is in her room and Ramsherer brings food for her but Kaverei comes in the and she interrupts them by saying that whatever Randheer doing is wrong. Amrit can’t intake normal food being widowers her food must be boiled and without spices. But Randheer is completely against what Javeri is saying.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Randhere says if she will do all the sacrifices for Verr then we all should do this as we also love Veer. And it is necessary to follow the same ritual as we have also lost him. Then Amrit requests Randheer to not do so. Don’t interfere in her life. After this Raani Saa says to Amrit to make Randheer understand the things. But Kaveri interrupts her by saying that how can she say anything to him as it is very clear that she must have followed the ritual. There is no need to make him understand anything.

After this Radheer says that if Amrit spent the life of widower by sacrificing all the luxury then being a brother of Veer I will also do the same and spent my life just like she does. Hence this way no one is ignoring and neglecting these unwanted rules and regulations formed by society. He sits on the floor and uses to have the food. Then Amrit asks her why is he doing so. Randheer replies if someone can’t able to defend herself then their loved ones have to do so for them. He further added that I will also be going to live in the servant quarter.

Later when everyone leaves from there Amrit tells Randheer to not behave like a stubborn child. Do you even think for a once how RaaniSa is feeling right now? What she has been going through when she has seen you sitting on the floor having simple food. She got in her life after so long and you must understand her feelings that she can’t see you like this. The reader understands what Amriy is saying and he leaves from there. Watch the full episode on SonyTv.

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