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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 13th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer heard the truth


Hey readers, hope you are doing good at home and also safe too. We are back with the written update of the serial “Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye” on 13th May 2021. The show is currently featuring two love stories, one of Vashma and the second one of Amrit. Uday is trying to get back his love on the other side Amrit and Randheer loves stories entangled with each other after the entry of Veer into the life of Amrit. Though Veer hates Amrit somewhere he also worries about her. Randheer who get to know about the marriage of Amrit wants her back in his life. Let’s see what we will see new in these complicated love stories.

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In the upcoming promo, we can see that Uday is talking to Vashma and says before dying he will capture this face in his eyes so that even after the death your face will be seen in my eyes. Vashma is blankly looking at his face and does not understand what he actually trying to say but suddenly he takes out a bottle of poison from his pocket but before that Vashma can understand anything he drinks that poison.

Vashma gets stunned by this action of Uday and gets worried about what to do now and Uday falls on the floor and she constantly shouting his name but he is not getting his senses. On the other side, Veer and Amrit family is performing a Pooja and Randheer is also present there and says this Akhand Jyoti will be kept burning till Ram Navami and this responsibility should be taken by the Bahurani only.

Then he goes close near to Amrit and try to touch her hand but before that Veer stops him and says some things only belongs to Kuwar Pratap Singh, let them belongs to him only do not try to snatch them. It will be good for you. Randheer looks at Amrit who is seeing tense. In another promo, Amrit goes to the temple in order to offer prayer but then she sees Veer behind him and says wow finally you also came to offer prayers.

Veer smiles as to say no I am here because I want to talk to you and in this reply Amrit says I guess the people who insult me are forgetting that without hearing sorry I will not talk to them. Veer says understand that I have come to do something like this, SO take this Palace Paper, you will also become an equal shareholder of this palace as soon as you sign the palace papers.

I know we don’t have a husband-wife relationship with each other but still, I want to give you this present and just understand, this is the compensation for any mistake made by me till date. The episode ends here we will see tomorrow will Amrit accept this compensation in lieu of pardon from Veer? To know this thing just stay tuned with us and we will shortly back.

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