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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaya Written Update 5th May 2021 Today’s Episode: Rift Between Veer and Randhir Because of Amrit


In the first scene of the episode, you are going to see Amrit who is crying while remembering and recalling Randhir as Randhir is packing up his bag and he also starts crying while thinking of her. Veer is seeing recalling the words of Amrit and Nalini. Amrit comes to talk to Nalini as she tells him to go and talk to Veer, Amrit sees that there is a pillow in his place to which Nalini says that he always does this to trick us and goes away.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaya

Amrit is asking her to talk to Veer as Nalini says that do they mean to say that she has been a bad mom and a bad influence and further states that they are trying to make him against her and says while showing the earing that what he has done to them, she further states that it has been a dream of her to win but her respect is at stake because of them.

She further states that party meeting is going to be held tomorrow and she says that there is going to be the announcement of the ticket also, Veer needs to be there as she taunts him stating that bring a sober Veer if you are able to do so as she says that if they are able to pull this off then she’ll believe that they care for them and she goes after stating all of this.

In the next you will see Vijender stating that Nalini is not at all bad at heart, he says that he is going to talk with Veer and is going to ask him to be there to which Amrit replied with thanks but says that he is going to take the responsibility as he says that he is going to bring a sober Veer to the party as Veer is already drinking and dancing in his room as Amrit enters the room and gets him ginger and elaichi tea to get him stable and tells him to not to touch alcohol.

Veer is then asking them about their bottles to which she replies that he is wasting his time as she locks the door to which he says that he is not going to be quiet if she shuts the door as he went on to say that she has hidden his bottles but also says that she hasn’t learned to hide the keys.

In the next scene, Uday is teaching all the girls to which Vashma says that why does he look into the book and talk as she teases him stating that does the book has beautiful girls pictures in it to which he replies that she can check it and there is nothing like that to which she starts laughing.

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